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Our Showroom - So much more than just a Gallery.

If you’re looking for wood, you’re looking for The Wood Guys!

Our beautiful showroom is nestled at 2 Lampton Avenue, Derwent Park, and is a treasure-trove of wonderful craftsmanship that showcases our amazing local timbers to visitors 6 days a week. We stock a wide variety of special pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Our artists work with beautiful Tasmanian timbers (obviously!), and other unique elements to craft those special ‘somethings’ that you’ll just love to take home with you. Drop in and say g'day, we'd love to see you!

As one of Tasmania’s largest retailers of Tasmanian specialty timber, The Wood Guys in Hobart is your one stop wood shop! And we now proudly offer Coogans Finance so whether you’ve been dreaming of new kitchen bench tops or an item from our beautiful gift line, you can take it home today thanks to Coogans. Not only do we offer a full range of Tasmanian specialty minor species timbers like Huon, Sassafras, Celery Top Pine, Myrtle, Blackwood, King Billy, Silver Wattle plus much more, we also have a beautiful range of handmade woodwork from some of Tasmania’s finest craftspeople, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for yourself or someone special. All our timber is kiln dried and dressed (unless otherwise requested) ready to be turned into something amazing. Boards & slabs, off cuts, turning blanks, burls, bookmatched boards, veneer, sawdust, craft bags, plus lots more. Available in various sizes from 1mm up to 45mm thick. Perfect for boat builders, furniture makers, cabinetmakers & joiners, hobbyist and the like. Plenty available in stock at The Wood Guys, 2 Lampton Ave, Derwent Park (Hobart) and at our outlet at the Antique Emporium, Formby Rd, Devonport. Can arrange freight to most capital cities.


Custom Joinery

Are you looking for a unique piece of furniture for your home, or some spectacular timber...

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2 Lampton Ave, Derwent Park, Tasmania, 7009


0401 328 535

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